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Home on the Range Mirror #1 ($400 FOR SALE)
- Wall Mirror 35" Tall x 28" Wide.
- Hand Sculpted Chip-Carved Kansas Black Walnut 5/4" thick
Construction is by corner Lap Joints, with Red Oak square pegs
- Hand Carved Star on the Crest, antiqued gold painted
- Hand Carved Lettering "Home on the Range" on the lettering board, , antiqued gold painted
- Thick, clear, premium grade beveled 1" mirror
- Leather covered shelf under the mirror glass
- Hat Hooks are Kansas Whitetail Deer rosette end antlers (natural shed)
- Coat Hooks are Kansas Whitetail Deer forked antlers (natural shed)
- Signed, and numbered on the back
- Purchaser pays shipping
- This particular Mirror #1 is the first in a concept of mirrors and accessories with chip-carved surfaces designed to fit in either a Western, Rustic, Prairie Style, Cowboy, or Texas home. The crest and lettering board can be custom ordered with names, branding irons, animal carvings, or any idea you might have. Contact me for a quote on your idea.
Welsh Style Love Spoons: (SOLD)
Left: Walnut, Two Heart Traditional Design
Middle: Walnut, One Heart Contemporary Design
Right: Pine, Painted, Two Heart Traditional Design
For more information on Welsh Style Love Spoons, see the "Articles" Section of my website.
Loon Ladle (Sold)
- Hand Formed ladle made from authentic American Bison (Buffalo) Horn.
- Tip has been carved into the shape of a Loon bird
-Eyes are authentic Abalone inlay
-Horn material has been polished
-Display stand is Sculpted Walnut
-This item has been inspired by several museum pieces, but is a new work, suitable for a contemporary or authentic Native American style art collection.
Carved Walnut Gun Stock, 16 Gauge Shotgun (SOLD)
- Wood: Kansas Black Walnut, 20 Years Since Cut/Dried
- Custom Fit: Stock dimensions made to fit gun owner.
- This stock was built to replace an existing walnut stock that had been badly abused and had broken in two at the neck.
- I can build Custom Gun Stocks and perform Gun Stock Repair work. Please contact me about your ideas and situation for a quote.


Toy Lumber Truck, Model-T (Sold)
- Walnut and Red Oak Toy Truck with 10 Cedar Miniature Logs.
- Features include a Removable Stake-Bed Sides.
- If you have a specific project in mind, please contact me for a quote on your idea.


Nutcracker Toy Tow Truck, Model-T (Sold)
- Walnut and Red Oak Toy Truck with nutcracking feature.
Cab Hinges for nut cracking position.
- Removing the brass "start crank" on the front bumper releases the front end to pivot.
- Features include a Tow Boom, working crank winch, and miniature tool boxes.
- This Tow Truck Nutcracker was custom designed for a customer who wanted a unique nut cracker as a gift to be added to his father's collection of different types of nut crackers.
- If you have a specific project in mind, please contact me for a quote on your idea.